Friday, July 13, 2018

Hello everyone!

Here I am again with a new little something that´s in  my store today! 
Again, it´s vacation & summer themed, but this time more with a humorous and ironical touch. Very useful in case something went wrong while you were on vacation. Like when it rained the whole time, or you forgot your bikini. I hope you have documented these little disasters properly and there are photos at your disposal that need to be scrapped!

This little fun pack is 20% off for a while, so be sure to run to my storesoon!!

I hope you will have a weekend worth remembering and scrapping!

Friday, July 06, 2018

Hello my lovelies!

There´s a new kit in my store again! As I mentioned earlier in one of my newsletters, summer´s my favourite time of the year (except for Christmas).
I loved summer when the kids were little, we would go out with the stroller to get ice cream, to go to the playground and swimming pool, we would take food  with us and come home later, just because we could´t get enough of summer. And it seems like I can´t get enough of summer products so I created a brand new one!

"Take Me On Vacation" is a kit in beautiful shades of turquoise and blue with a wee bit of magenta, full of hand drawn/hand written items, papers hand painted by me.

Here are the previews:

And here´s a bit of creative inspiration for you:

They´re gorgeous, aren´t they?
If you think like you have to have this kit, be sure to run to my storesoon while it´s 20% off!!

That´s all for now, I hope you´ll have a great weekend with loads of sunshine and lots of fun!


Friday, June 22, 2018

Hello everyone!

I hope you´ve had a great week so far. Mine just flew by a bit too quick. But I managed to add a new something to my store and I also re-released one of my older kits that I just love so much... because it´s all about summer, my favourite time of the year (besides Christmas of course).

My new product is my June Mini O, which is a product colour coordinating with other Mini O´s from other Oscraps designers, so you can easily mix and match.
Don´t forget that all the Mini O´s are 44% off for 4 days only, so hurry to grab them!!

And here´s mine, my Little Fish!

A fun pack of 9 hand drawn fish, perfect for your art journaling projects or to add to your summer pages.

And now to the re-release, a beautiful summer kit in fresh  and bright colours, full of hand drawn items, containing 8 papers and 49 elements.

And here´s a bit of creative inspiration for you:

Be sure to run to my store soon while the kit´s 20% off!!

That´s all for now, have a fantastic weekend, make lots of memories!


Friday, June 08, 2018

Hello my lovelies!

Sometimes I just cannot believe how fast time flies. Monday came just a few moments ago and suddenly I find myself in the middle of Friday. Juggling the full time job, four kids, one of them special needs, the household and all chores and duties (and my man :-))I usually create a new kit for you in the middle of the night, exhausted but determined to finish it on time.
So here´s something new that I worked on during late night hours. You ´ll find it in my store.
A yellow little something, very bright, optimistic and happy. Think Yellow!!

The kit consists of 22 elements an 5 papers, among the elements you´ll find elements hand drawn/written by me. Everything is created at 300 dpi, for personal use only.

Here´s a bit of creative inspiration, layouts by the talented Oscraps CT girls, my CT and me:

Be sure to run to my store soon while the kit´s 20% off!!

I hope you´ll all have a wonderful weekend full with amazing moments (to scrap later).

Sending lots of love,

Friday, May 25, 2018

Welcome To Paradise - 4th Friday Mini O´s

Hello everyone!

I got something new in my store again!! This time it´s two products from the 4th Friday Mini O´s! Together with other Oscraps designers we created lots of coordinating mini products that you can match and mix. I love this month´s colour palette, it´s fresh and juicy, reminding me of Summer and vacation. I hope you´will like my hand drawn elements which the element pack consists of!

Here are the previews:

The element pack contains 18 elements with lots of items hand drawn by me. The paper pack consists of 5 papers. Everything is created at 300 dpi, for personal use only.

And here´s a bit of inspiration for you:

                         These new products are 44% off for the next four days. Be sure to take a look at all of these wonderful mini products to pick the ones you like the most. You´ll find them all at the Oscraps store in the 4th Friday May 2018 category.

That´s all for now, I hope you´ll all have a great weekend and that you´ll make lots of great memories! And pictures, of course....that you will make beautiful layouts with.

Sending lots of love,

Friday, May 18, 2018

We Are Family - Brand new in my store

Hello my lovelies!

It´s been two weeks since my store opened its doors again, and here I am with a brand new kit for you!
I hope you´ll like it at least as much as I do.
This kit is very special to me, as per usual, it is a reflection of my inner self and of my life. Recently, my family got bigger, my life´s much louder, happier and there´s hugs from two more kiddos for me.
What a topic to create a kit, right?

We Are Family is a kit perfect for art journaling, for your artsy layouts and projects, it´s full of hand drawn/hand written items. It can be used for all those great family pics you haven´t scrapped yet.

Here are the previews for you:

The kit contains 37 elements and 7 papers, everything is created at 300 dpi, for personal use only.

And here´s some inspiration, created by my talented CT girls, by the talented Oscraps CT girls, and by me.


The kit is 20% off through May 21st,
so be sure to visit my store to grab it!

Wishing you all a happy weekend, have lots of fun scrapping!!
Sending lots of love,

Friday, May 04, 2018

Hello my lovelies!

Grab your coffee, this will be long....(sipping on my coffee while typing this)....I´m back again at Oscraps, after more than three years, eventually, I came to the decision, that scrapbooking and designing is something I need to have in my life. So voila, my store is open!
I brought back some old goodies that I loved, I also prepared something brand new for you, I hope you´ll like it.
My whole store is 40% off through May 8th,
so you got plenty of time to grab your favourite products.

And here´s what´s new in my store: 

Something New

In My Dreams


Limited Edition

Oh Well...
All of these new products are perfect for art journaling and artsy layouts, many of the elements are hand drawn and hand written by me. Everything is created at 300 dpi, for personal use only.

And here´s some inspiration, created by my talented CT girls
(who stick with me from the very beginning),
by the talented Oscraps CT girls, and by me.


And since the scrapbooking world celebrates
the biggest holiday,
don´t forget to browse the whole Oscraps store,
because you can stumble upon some fab deals!

I guess  I covered it all, at least I hope I didn´t leave anything out that´s important.
Thank you all for waiting here for me.
I´m happy to be back!

Sending lots of love,