Friday, October 05, 2018

40% off my entire store!!!

Hello my lovelies!

Happy DSD weekend!
The DSD celebration continues with a huge storewide sale,
my entire store is 40% off!!
What a great chance for you to grab all those yummy goodies!

Go check my store and shop away!

I also got a newsletter freebie for you, matching my kit
"Feel The Rain"!!



I wish you a very happy DSD shopping!!!


Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Two BRAND NEW packs & a re-release + FREEBIE!

Hello my dear fans!!

Another week, new goodies in my store at Oscraps!!
Grab your coffee, this one will be a bit longer :-)
Where should I begin?
Right... Fall, Autumn, Indian Summer, however you call what we have outside our windows here in Europe,
it´s here, it´s beautiful, colorful, sometimes messy and windy and rainy.
To keep all your autumn memories, you´ll probably need some, if not all of my this week´s goodies.
So take a look:

And how about some inspiration?

Don´t forget, these goodies are 20% off for a while, be sure to grab them!!

And here comes more!!!
For those of you who subscribed to the 52 Inspirations at Oscraps
this week´s product is created by me!!

Do you want more??
I got more for you!! A freebie!!
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Are you still there? If you have come till here, thank you :-)
I hope you´ll have a wonderful week!!
Sending lots of love your way,

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Three BRAND NEW packs in my store!!

Hello my lovelies!!

Oh how time flies! Sometimes I feel like there´s only Mondays and Sundays and all that´s inbetween is work, duties, lots of chores and hustle. I feel like I would rather stay in bed all day, but I can´t .
And then there come days when everything´s just easy-peasy.

And that´s what my three brand new packs are about. About those easy-peasy stress free moments and about those which are the opposite.
Are you game? Then check my store at Oscraps!!

Don´t forget, these three new products are on sale, as per usual, you can snag them while they´re 20% off!!

I wish everyone a great week and lots of happy and positive moments.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Re-releasing three older products

Hello my lovelies!!

I decided to re-release some of my older products again today. A kit and two sets of wordarts. Wordarts are always a great idea, right? They add a little something to your layouts or projects, are great for photoless layouts, you can play with them in so many ways. So here you go, here are the previews:

And here are some layouts to inspire you:

 I hope you´ll like these products in case you´re a new customer and don´t have these in your stash. In that case, be sure to run to my store, because all of themare 20% off for a while!!

Enjoy your weekend everyone,
do something fun and take care of yourself!


Friday, September 07, 2018

"Be You" - New In My Store At Oscraps

Hello my dear fans!!

Oh how fast time flies. It seems like summer break started just a few days ago and suddenly it´s over and I find myself in the kitchen preparing school snacks again. And spare time seems to be rare, some stolen minutes for a quick nap after work or an hour or two in the night before I realize that I have to wake up in five hours. Still, it has been enough to work on a new kit that is in my store at Oscraps today.

And here are some layouts to inspire you, created by the Oscraps CT girls, my CT ladies and me:

Stunning, right?
If you´d like to grab the kit while it´s on sale, be sure to run to my store, because it´s 30% off for a while!!

I hope you´ll have a fantastic weekend, do something for yourself, just for yourself, because you definitely deserve it!!

Friday, August 24, 2018

August Mini O's are here!!

Hello everyone!!

The August Mini O products are here!!
So many new goodies are in the store today, colour coordinating, so you can mix and match easily.

I love the colour swatch we worked with this month, it reminded me of lemon sorbet and cool summer drinks,
and of the wise words of "life giving us lemons".

So today you´ll find two new products in my store at Oscraps.
"Lemons" elements and papers, one pack consisting of 16 elements, the other of 5 papers, perfect for art journaling and artsy projects.

Here are some layouts for your inspiration, created by the Oscraps CT girls, my CT ladies and me:

Don´t forget that all the Mini O´s are 44% off for 4 days only,
so hurry to grab them!!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone,
sending lots of love your way!

Sunday, August 19, 2018

...and the sale continues!!

Hello my lovelies!!

The sale continues!!! You´ll find different summer products in my store that are 40% off through August 22nd!

Don´t miss the chance to grab these summer products while they´re cheaper.

Have a great start to the new week!