Sunday, November 23, 2008

RAK for my friend

Hello! Today I´d like to show you three layots I made for my friend. They´re all matching because she´s like to print them, frame them and hang them on hr livin room. So here they are:

Credit: paper3 - Rainy Day Blues by Chaos Lounge; twig2 sh, twig 3 sh, wordart1 basic, leaf sh, frame ribbon 2 sh, tag sh, flower 2 sh - Happy Day by Natali Design; flower9 shadowed - Countryside by Natali Design

Credit: paper7 - Rainy Day Blues by Chaos LOunge; flower2, heart3, leves3 - Whimsical Winter by Chaos Lounge; green flower sh, frame acrylic sh, frame sh, lace green, stamp2, staple1, staple2, string black sh - With Love by Jindrucha

Credit: paper1 - Chaos Lounge for Snap and Scrap team kit Tropical Breeze; flower blue shadow, leaves hadow, frame blue shadow - Sweet You by Aprilmouse and Hanulineka; staple - With Love by Jindrucha; acrylic5, doodle1, flower7 shadowed - Countryside by Natali Design; glitter3, leaf2 - Happy Day by Natali Design; wordart - Playing with Wordarts Vol. 2 by Natali Design

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