Sunday, January 18, 2009


Hello everybody!!!! It´s been a few days since I blogged the last time, well, but today I have to, ´cause I´ve got some pretty things to show you and also an ad.

Chaos Lounge has an amazing grand opening sale at the new site Enchanted Studio Scraps, be sure to check her store.
Don´t miss it!!!!!! You can find her gorgeous kits there, you´ll love´em all!!!!!And, her sister Bonnie from Bonnie van Esch Designs has some new products out in her shoppe, ´cause you´ll find two brand new sets of blogwear there: at Snap and Scrap! Do you like the new look of my blog? Yes? So go check her shoppe!

And she also has a new kit out - Social Butterfly - it´s fantastic!

You can see my layout using it here:

It´s my daughter Nina and my dear sister on the picture (I just hope she won´t kill me for doing a page using a picture she´s in, LOL).

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Jenni said...

Thanks so much for putting my ad on your blog, love your new look blog BTW!!