Wednesday, August 26, 2009

$1 deals, new products

Good evenyning everyone! I´ve made a layout today I´d like to show you. I used the new kit by Chaos Lounge - a part of a Build Your Own Collab. A few designers at ESS got together to create a collab, each designer sells his portion of the kit in his shop, you can pick what you´ll use. You can find all parts of the collab here.

And this is Jenni´s(Chaos Lounge) part:

All parts are for $1 only August 26 - 28, so grab them!

And here´s my LO using this fab collab:

Bonnie van Esch Designs has also a new product which you can buy with PayPal on her blog, it´s a set of pink CU OK roses, they´re really beautiful.

OK, and don´t forget about my $1 deals this week - in my shop:

Enjoy the sales!

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