Friday, February 18, 2011

For Once

Hello my dear friends!
I gotta tell you , I fell in love with Artist Trading Cards. You don´t need a photo to scrap, you just need an idea, a feeling, a moment, anything, and just go with it.

Yesterday I was watching "Fringe" and there´s an episode where Olivia sings to Peter "For Once In My Life". I love that scene because it´s so full of emotions and touching, and above that, I love the lyrics of the song. So I felt inspired to create this ATC card:


Design by Tina - Back In Time
Design by Tina - A New Day Has Come
Bonnie van Esch Designs - A Garden In Paris
Bonnie van Esch Designs - Vintage Clusters
Studio Tangie - Smitten

Lyrics from the song "For Once In My Life" by Frank Sinatra, which I love!

Have a nice day,


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