Wednesday, October 30, 2013

$1 deals at OSD kicking off DSD festivities!

 Hello my lovelies!

 It´s Wednesday,
which means time for some $1 deals at One Story Down!

Check out the $1 Wednesday category
in our store!
You´ll find lots of fab goodies in there,
six fantastic products from myself!

Take a look:

(To purchase these products just click on the images above.)

These are fab, right?
And you fancy more?
Check out the OSD plans for DSD,
we prepared lots of new goodies,
freebies, challenges,
a sale,
and the opportunity
to win a THREE MONTH guest spot
on the OSD Creative Team.
To make sure you don't miss a thing,
check out our forum and follow us on Facebook.

Happy shopping!


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