Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Two BRAND NEW packs & a re-release + FREEBIE!

Hello my dear fans!!

Another week, new goodies in my store at Oscraps!!
Grab your coffee, this one will be a bit longer :-)
Where should I begin?
Right... Fall, Autumn, Indian Summer, however you call what we have outside our windows here in Europe,
it´s here, it´s beautiful, colorful, sometimes messy and windy and rainy.
To keep all your autumn memories, you´ll probably need some, if not all of my this week´s goodies.
So take a look:

And how about some inspiration?

Don´t forget, these goodies are 20% off for a while, be sure to grab them!!

And here comes more!!!
For those of you who subscribed to the 52 Inspirations at Oscraps
this week´s product is created by me!!

Do you want more??
I got more for you!! A freebie!!
Subscribe to my newsletter to get this add-on to the "Feel The Rain" kit.


Are you still there? If you have come till here, thank you :-)
I hope you´ll have a wonderful week!!
Sending lots of love your way,

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