Friday, April 26, 2019

April 2019 Mini O´s are in the store!

Hello my dears!!

The April 2019 4th Friday Mini O´s are in the Oscraps store!
The Oscraps designers created beautiful colour coordinated mini products so you can easily mix and match them.

And here´s what you can find in my store - "Put It On Paper":

Here´s a layout using it:

The April Mini O´s are 44% off for a limited time,
so be sure to grab them!

For more products browse the store here.

I hope you´ll have a great weekend!
Enjoy it and make tons of memories!


Monday, April 22, 2019

52 Inspirations and more in my store - be inspired or inspire

Hello my dear fans & customers!!

There are two addition to my store - two paper packs.
One is a re-relased pack of six beautiful papers in the shades of pink, which I created using photographs I shot at some point in the past.
"Bloomy Papers", take a look:

And here´s some inspiration for you:

The other pack of papers is a 52 Inspirations{2019} product.
"From My Journal - Papers" is a pack of four hand painted papers, perfect for art journaling and all kinds of artsy projects.
Take a look:

Both packs are 40% off for a limited time, so be sure to run
to my store to grab them!

The 52 Inspirations subscribers
just go ahead and download the product.

I hope you´ll have a great week.
Happy scrapping,

Monday, April 01, 2019

Light It Up Blue - NEW in my store

Hello my lovelies!!

I´m having a brand new pack in my store today.
It´s a special one. One that´s on a very personal topic.
April is autism awareness month.
April the 2nd is world autism awareness day.

Autism is a part of my life and of that of my family.
My son has been diagnosed with autism.
It´s somehow my job to spread awareness because of my boy.

Life with an autistic child is never easy, it´s challenging on so many levels. The spectrum of emotions you feel on a daily basis when teaching your child how to live their life is overwhelming and exhausting at the same time in equal measure.

My son´s making progress every day. Baby steps.
I hope he will be able to live an independent life one day.
He loves us all unconditionally.
I hope he feels our love too.

"Light It Up Blue" is for my boy.
I hope you´ll like it.

Here´s my boy & me:

Some more inspiration:

The pack is 40% off for a limited time, so be sure to grab it soon:

Let us all spread some love and understanding on April the 2nd,
the whole month through,
or a little bit every day.